Joe Burrow Had Ja'Marr Chase Wide Open on Final Bengals Play in Super Bowl

Liam McKeone
Joe Burrow goes down
Joe Burrow goes down / Andy Lyons/GettyImages

The Cincinnati Bengals' magical season came up short as they fell to the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl LVI, 23-20. The game came down to Cincinnati's final possession; Joe Burrow and the rest of the offense received the ball with just under 90 seconds to go and had two timeouts to get into field goal range to try and send the game into overtime.

They managed to make it to midfield before Aaron Donald decided they were done moving the ball and effectively ended the game by forcing a Burrow incompletion on fourth down.

It's a bitter end for the Bengals, and it will get even worse when Burrow gets home and watches the tape. Jay Morrison, the Bengals' beat writer for The Athletic, tweeted out a picture of Ja'Marr Chase getting wide open on the final play as Jalen Ramsey fell to the turf. If Burrow had three more seconds, he might've seen his favorite target and changed everything.

As you can see, Burrow is already halfway to the ground so it's not like he missed Chase. He simply had no time to find anybody given Donald burst through the line in less than two seconds to send Burrow running.

But it's still painful. If the offensive line had held up for just one more play, who knows how things turn out?