Joe Burrow Leaves Game in Serious Pain, Can't Grip Football


A photo this week showed Joe Burrow with a brace on his throwing hand and wrist, it immediately caused concern. During the Cincinnati Bengals' Thursday Night Football matchup with the Baltimore Ravens, Burrow was favoring his throwing hand. Then disaster struck as he was attempting to warm up on the sideline, Burrow couldn't grip the ball and was in serious pain.

Check it out:

Burrow immediately went back to the locker room and we don't know his status going forward. He clearly couldn't grip the football and even attempting a throw put him in serious pain.

This came after he threw a second quarter touchdown to Joe Mixon. It was only a four-yard throw but had some serious consequences.

Here's the throw:

We don't know what the specific injury is, but it did not look good. The Bengals are now without one of the NFL's best quarterbacks in the critical divisional matchup. Jake Brown stepped in to replace him.

We'll keep you updated if Burrow returns or we get more definitive news on his status.

UPDATE: The Bengals ruled Burrow out for the game with a wrist injury.