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Joe Burrow Injured Pinky Finger vs. Chargers

Liam McKeone
Joe Burrow pinky
Joe Burrow pinky /

Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals got off to a slow start at home against the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday afternoon, falling behind 24-0 in the second quarter. Burrow led the offense to one TD before taking advantage of a turnover deep in Chargers' territory and running it in for another TD to shrink the lead.

He appears to have messed up his pinky finger at some point during those touchdown drives, though. Cameras showed Burrow clutching his pinky while heading off the field after his rushing touchdown, and a zoom-in showed the audience that his pinky is... definitely not in good shape. Avoid the below video if you're the squeamish type.

Burrow tried throwing on the sideline and was in visible pain and frustration.

However, when Justin Herbert throw another interception on the following possession, Burrow trotted back onto the field to lead the offense's two-minute drill. So it isn't knocking him out of the game yet.