Joe Burrow Takes Huge Hit Against Packers

Liam McKeone
Joe Burrow
Joe Burrow / Andy Lyons/GettyImages

Joe Burrow faced off against the Green Bay Packers today and took a massive hit in the process. On a third-and-12 with the Cincinnati Bengals down 9-7, Burrow took off on a scramble. He got up-ended by a Packers player and went down hard.

Here's video:

Burrow was looked at by the trainers after slamming to the turf, but made it to the sideline and didn't need to return to the locker room. The Bengals' offensive line has been awful all day and it's hard to blame Burrow for trying his chances in the open field but he just has to slide. It's not worth getting hit like that short of the sticks in a regular-season game.

Hopefully Burrow is alright. He hit his head pretty hard on the turf. We'll see if he has to enter concussion protocol.

UPDATE: Burrow was cleared by the training staff so he'll be coming back into the game. The Bengals dodged a bullet.