Joe Burow: SEC Crowds Louder Than Any NFL Stadium

Stephen Douglas
Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens
Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens / Rob Carr/GettyImages

Joe Burrow lit up the Ravens on Sunday, throwing for three touchdowns and over 400 yards on the road in Baltimore. With the win the Cincinnati Bengals are now tied for the lead in the AFC North at 5-2. The growing pains appear to be over for Burrow. And anyone who thought he might be affected by a hostile crowd can forget about that. Burrow confirmed as much to Peter King. Via FMIA:

We knew that they were gonna be jacked up for us to come in, and expecting to beat our ass. But we were ready for it. Playing in the SEC definitely, definitely helped. Gets way louder in the SEC than in any of these NFL stadiums.

Well, there you have it. Joe Burrow says SEC crowds rule and NFL crowds drool. The only problem is that this is bulletin board material for fans around the NFL. They now know they must be louder and more hostile when the Bengals come to town. After five years of losing, they're finally worth jeering again.