Everything in This 1989 Joe Buck Clip Should Come Back

Kyle Koster
AT&T AUDIENCE Network Presents at 2017 Winter TCA
AT&T AUDIENCE Network Presents at 2017 Winter TCA / Phillip Faraone/Getty Images

Joe Buck has long been one of the best announcers on the planet and as such, is blessed with tremendous opportunities: like calling the World Series, the Super Bowl, and anything else IMPORTANT that arises. But he got to that position like everyone else: with earnest, shoeleather reporting from some rather spartan outposts. Yesterday he shared this clip from his sizzle reel and everything about it is fantastic.

That's right. This is a blog that practices kindness. Santa is definitely watching.

Buck does his best to get the skinny on the 1989 AAA All-Star Game, which featured two future MLB standouts, Todd Zeile and Greg Vaughn. The tilt also included such prestigious names as Lance Johnson, Scott Coolbaugh, Kevin Maas, and Junioir Noboa. Bucky Dent was one of the managers and Ken Singleton and Ron Franklin were on Buck's broadcast team.

Obviously, Buck should bring back that haircut. That almost goes without saying. So should standing like that with arms crossed in front, over the wrist. Those sweet, form-fitting V-necks on the players are also pretty sharp.

But most importantly, and most pressing for those in production, are the graphics. I desperately miss the late-80s, early 90s block lettering. Most were yellow, some were white and it basically looked like someone had just typed an MS-Dos command onto the screen. We've come along way in that department, but I'm not totally sure it's an improvement.