Joe Buck Refused to Tell Troy Aikman and America About His Longest Two Minutes in Milwaukee

Stephen Douglas
2017 FOX Upfront
2017 FOX Upfront / Michael Loccisano/GettyImages

Joe Buck and Troy Aikman called the Thursday Night Football game between the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons. The game wasn't technically a blowout, but anyone who watched - including Buck and Aikman - knew deep down that a Patriots victory was never in doubt. So with time slowly ticking away Troy Aikman joked that the end of the game was the "longest two minutes that we've been a part of." Buck responded by saying he'd been a part of a longer two minutes in Milwaukee.

For the unitiated, Buck recently went on the Smartless podcast and told a story about the last game the Green Bay Packers ever played at Milwaukee County Stadium. According to Buck, the end of the game dragged on for so long that he had to call a touchdown while peeing in a bottle.

Aikman tried to get Buck to share some details because there was plenty of time, but Buck declined, which is unfortunate. Perhaps on Thanksgiving when the world is watching the duo call Tim Boyle versus the Bears. GIve people something to talk about at dinner.