Joe Buck Shushed Troy Aikman For Mentioning Lack of Penalties, Officials Immediately Start Throwing Flags

Stephen Douglas
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The San Francisco 49ers and Arizona Cardinals played on Monday Night Football in Week 11. It was a brisk game through three quarters as the two teams played a very clean game with just four total penalties called in the first 41 minutes. And that's around the time where Troy Aikman remarked on how clean the game had been. Joe Buck did not even let him finish.

"Sorry, sorry. What am I thinking?"

Like clockwork, two penalties were then called in the final minutes of the quarter. And then again on the first play of the fourth quarter. And then another a minute later. Seriously. Four penalties were called while I was writing this.

Go ahead and blame it on the Troy Aikman jinx. Joe Buck tried to save him, but it was already too late.