Joe Buck's NFC Championship Note Sheet Game is a Beautiful Mess

Liam McKeone
Joe Buck's beautiful mind
Joe Buck's beautiful mind /

Whether you like or hate Joe Buck (a surprisingly divisive topic amongst sports fans), he gave us a fascinating behind-the-scenes look into how a top broadcaster preps for his job.

Buck is slated to call tonight's NFC Championship between the Packers and 49ers and tweeted out this video showing just how much work goes into the preparation aspect of being a broadcaster.

And a beautiful mess it is, Joe.

To me, this has serious Charlie Day conspiracy picture energy. For reference, from this kind tweeter:

You can also draw some parallels to "A Beautiful Mind" or any other genius protege film. If you ever wondered where broadcasters pull out obscure stats and notes, this is a big part of it. Buck and his peers put in serious work before the headset is donned. This mess is the result.