Joe Biden Awkwardly Wandered Off MSNBC Set on Live Television After He Finished An Interview

Where are you going Mr. President?


Joe Biden stopped by the MSNBC studio on Thursday and did a live 20-minute interview with Nicolle Wallace. When the interview ended, Biden shook Wallace's hand and walked off the set while Wallace was throwing it to commercial. As noted in the below tweets, this is being spun as Biden wandering off like he's lost by certain parties in the media.

This is more akin to Biden falling on stage at the US Air Force graduation at the beginning of the month. It was sold as him being feeble, but he tripped over a sandbag while trying to hustle. In this case, he had finished his interview, shook hands and left because he's the President and he's got stuff to do.

Of course, that doesn't mean what Biden did here wasn't funny. Traditionally, a guest stays seated and waits for commercial to leave. Here Biden got up from his seat on live television and walked off set while still on the air. It was odd to see it happen live, but what does it really matter? He's got places to be and people to dunk on.