Joe Biden Saves Weather Channel's Stephanie Abrams Bug on Live Television


Joe Biden did an interview with The Weather Channel's Stephanie Abrams that aired on Wednesday morning, marking what might be the first time a sitting president has been interviewed by someone who was in one of the Sharknado movies. (Trump merely wanted to play the president in Sharknado 3.)

Biden was telling Abrams about the climate emergency and adjusting what appears to be a bracelet when he paused to brush a bug off Abrams' jacket.

Not only is Dark Brandon concerned about the environment, but he's got his eyes on all insects too. Kind of makes you wonder if he really fell down on stage at Air Force graduation or if he was diving on a pile of fire ants who were about to ruin the ceremony? Only he knows and it doesn't appear he wants credit.

The rest of Biden's interview aired on The Weather Channel this morning, but doesn't appear to have made its way online yet.

Meanwhile, the New York Post had a slightly different take on this video.