Joe Biden Calls Fox News' Peter Doocy a 'One-Horse Pony'

Kyle Koster
Joshua Roberts/Getty Images

President-elect Joe Biden held a press conference today. As he wrapped up, Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy asked if Biden believed that the stories about his son Hunter that appeared before the election were part of a Russian smear campaign.

Biden, who was walking out of the room, paused and answered that, yeah, he still thinks that. Then he called Doocy a "one-horse pony," which is a phrase no one had on their Bingo card. The phrase is one-trick pony and it makes sense in the context that Doocy and Fox News are very much focused on this angle.

But Doocy is decidedly not a one-horse pony because that doesn't exist. A one-horse pony wouldn't really be a pony at all, it would be a horse. A single horse. Or a single pony. Scholars maintain we may never know the real answer.

Some will see this as an epic burn while others will use it as evidence of so many gaffes to come. All of us can wonder if this is the spiritual successor to covefe, then shiver in fear and helplessness.