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Joe Benigno Goes Off, Throws Jets Beat Writer Off His Show

Adam Gase
Adam Gase coaches the New York Jets against the Oakland Raiders | Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Joe Benigno went on an all-time rant on Friday about the ineptitude of his beloved New York Jets. He happened to have Jets beat writer Brian Costello on his WFAN show at the time, but not for long.

As the two men went back and forth about the team, Benigno got more and more riled up and wound up cutting off Costello's call, essentially booting him off the show.

Check this out:

Wow. That was something.

It's not like Costello is some random caller and Benigno got into a fight with him. The guy is the Jets beat writer for the New York Post!

Benigno has made no secret of disliking Jets head coach Adam Gase, but a lot of people caught shrapnel in that rant.