Jodie Foster Says She Doesn't Even Know Aaron Rodgers

Jodie Foster, cheesehead.
Jodie Foster, cheesehead. /

Aaron Rodgers won his third MVP award earlier this month. During his acceptance speech he revealed that he had a finacée, which understandably got a lot of attention. What that revelation overshadowed was the fact that Rodgers also very clearly thanked Jodie Foster. On the scale of random shout-outs from an athlete, Aaron Rodgers mentioning Jodie Foster while accepting an MVP award is right up there. Foster was on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday night and explained.

So basically, Rodgers mentioned he knew she was a big fan. They apparently don't even really know each other. Their connection is Rodgers' fiancée, Shailene Woodley. Apparently, Rodgers and the Packers came up in conversation between Woodley and Foster while they were shooting The Mauritanian.

It turns out Jodie Foster has an established public history as a Packers fan. Five years ago she talked about it on Conan. Even though she said she went from team to team, she seemed quite enthusiastic about wearing a cheesehead.

She must have made quite in impression on Woodley. And now if Foster wins a Golden Globe she'll probably thank Aaron Rodgers which will give us another opportunity to remind everyone he's engaged to the original Kaitlin Cooper.