JJ Watt Turned Into a Puddle During His Surprise Tribute Video

Kyle Koster

In-season Hard Knocks with the Arizona Cardinals has not been a great time unless you are messy and live for the drama. Kliff Kingsbury's journey has ended in unceremonious fashion as the underachieving team limped to the finish line. Kyler Murray is now going to channel his energy into finding a coach he likes. The vibes are very, very bad. If not for JJ Watt, they'd be worse.

The All-Everything and All-American defensive end announced his own retirement a few weeks ago, scooping all other reporters as he's wont to do. Tributes came in droves. But perhaps the one that landed the hardest with Watt came via a surprise film session audible.

Cardinals players thought they were just going to eat tape but the X's and O's gave way to thank yous and I'll miss yous from some of the league's best players. Watt was a bit of a wreck processing it all.

See, that's nice.