J.J. Watt's Speech About Being a Professional Athlete Is a Must-Watch

Ryan Phillips
J.J. Watt, Cincinnati Bengals v Houston Texans
J.J. Watt, Cincinnati Bengals v Houston Texans / Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

J.J. Watt is not happy the Houston Texas are 4-11, but he's still going to show up and play hard. Why? Because that's his job.

After the Texans lost yet another heartbreaker to the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, Watt was asked about his team regrouping next week. His answer should be required viewing for professional athletes everywhere.

Watt essentially launched into a speech that lasted nearly two minutes and laid out exactly why any professional athlete should work hard even if his or her team is terrible. Check this out:

That speech is perfect. Watt is right, these guys are getting paid well to show up and compete, not to feel sorry for themselves. The fans don't get paid -- in fact, they often spend their money just to be fans -- and they show up and bring it when they can. The players should bring intensity every chance they get.

Watt gets it. Now hopefully someone gets him out of Houston so he can compete for a title before he retires.