JJ Watt Googled "What do rich people buy?" After Signing Contract Extension

Ryan Glasspiegel

JJ Watt had a monster performance today against Washington, notching a sack, a blocked extra point, a fumble recovery, and two tackles for losses (including this beastly one). After the game, he spoke with Fox’s Laura Okmin, who asked what Watt did after signing his lucrative contract extension.

“I Googled ‘What do rich people buy?'” Watt said. “Because I don’t feel like a rich person, and I don’t really try to act like a rich person, so I don’t know what they buy. I didn’t really like the stuff I saw, so I’m gonna stick with my humble lifestyle and just keep working out.”

If I were tasked with guessing exactly what Watt would say in response to Okmin’s question, it might very well have been verbatim to those several sentences. Nevertheless, as NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport pointed out, the third entry on that Google query is a Houston Chronicle slideshow full of tacky crap, so it doesn’t come as a big surprise that Watt didn’t like what he saw.

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