'First Take' Celebrates All the Bad NBA Takes


Watch enough debate television and you begin to notice how purely ephemeral all the takes are because the state of play changes rapidly and no one has a crystal ball and capacity to see into the future. It's not really an indictment on those who speak confidently and often wrongly into the most amplified microphones, it's just the way it is. A 24-7, 365 news and reaction content machine has made the bed and the rest of us are just sleeping in it.

J.J. Redick, who is really smart and willing to call out all this silliness for what it is, took the opportunity to tick through all the freezing cold offerings from the NBA year on his most recent podcast, having a hell of a time delighting in just how wrong a person can be when being held hostage by the moment.

This morning on ESPN's First Take, they replayed that segment for Stephen A. Smith, who vowed to get his revenge in this life or in the next.

This is a fun exercise and also a helpful reminder that you don't need to get too worked up by anything someone on your television says while most people are at their office jobs. Like Justin Bobby said in The Hills, truth and time tell all and most of these opinions will age like milk.