Jimmy Kimmel Compared Stephen Curry to Jerry Seinfeld

Stephen Curry, the Jerry Seinfeld of basketball.
Stephen Curry, the Jerry Seinfeld of basketball. / Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Jimmy Kimmel appears on Colin Cowherd's latest podcast. Kimmel, who once employed Bill Simmons, tried his own hand at mixing sports with popular culture by comparing Stephen Curry and Jerry Seinfeld. You can see where Simmons learned everything he knows.

“I actually had Seinfeld on the show and I had been watching a basketball game and I said, ‘You know he reminds me of Steph Curry, because he does all the basics so spectacularly well and he's just loose and he plays ,when he does stand up with a flow.’ This material is all prepared; it is not off the cuff, there's nothing rough about it and yet, it doesn't feel like it's scripted it just flows and when there's a flow, that's when it went well."

Basically, Curry and Seinfeld both practice and are able to do everything well. Kimmel doesn't even mention the fact that they both work clean and wear similar shoes.