Jimmy Johnson Makes Slight But Noticeable Tweak to FOX Pregame Show Background

Brian Giuffra
Jimmy Johnson.
Jimmy Johnson. / Jamie Squire/Getty Images

While Curt Menefee, Terry Bradshaw, Howie Long and Michael Strahan continue to broadcast FOX's NFL pregame show from Los Angeles, Jimmy Johnson remains at home as a precaution because of the COVID pandemic. Trying to keep things interesting, Johnson made a minor, funny tweak to his background for today's broadcast.

Before, Johnson had a framed photo of him being carried off the field after leading Miami to the 1987 college football national championship over his right shoulder.

For today's broadcast, however, he went something more modern and, perhaps, more meaningful. It was a photo of him as a contestant on Survivor.


Johnson was a big fan of the show and appeared on it in 2010. He was the third person voted out.

While probably not really more meaningful than winning the natty with that legendary Hurricanes squad, the fact that Johnson put a photo from Survivor there is amazing. He obviously took the time to make that change and likely wondered if anyone would notice. Thankfully some did and this quick laugh on a Sunday is the result.