Jimmy Graham's Aaron Judge-Jose Altuve Costume Just Won Halloween

Ryan Phillips
Aaron Judge Jose Altuve
Aaron Judge Jose Altuve / Bob Levey/Getty Images

Jimmy Graham and the Green Bay Packers are riding high at 7-1 and seemingly improving week by week. With all that positive energy, the team Halloween party must have been great Monday night. But we all know, no one was beating Graham's costume.

The 32-year-old tight end teamed up with diminutive Packers assistant athletic trainer Nate Weir for the best costume we've seen this year. The 6'7" Graham and Weir recreated the famous photo of Yankees star Aaron Judge and Astros star Jose Altuve standing next to each other during the American League Championship Series.

Check it out:

The detail is awesome. Weir has the same glove as Altuve, Graham has Judge's wrist brace and both guys made sure to have one long sleeve. It's perfect.

That is an outstanding costume, kudos to both men for coming up with this.