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Jimmy Garoppolo Gets the NFL Lip-Reading Treatment

Kyle Koster
Jamie Schwaberow/GettyImages

Jimmy Garoppolo's offseason included rampant speculation about getting traded and precious little football preparation. Then Trey Lance got injured and the San Francisco 49ers turned to their insurance policy, for better or worse. Jimmy G is one of the more confounding quarterbacks in the league because he's come within a quarter of winning a Super Bowl and a dropped interception away from making another. Other times, like Sunday night in Denver, we're beaten over the head with his limitations and reminded why the Niners were so keen on moving on for him in favor of an unproven entity.

As a result, content creators are looking to leverage any molehill into a mountain. A clip of Garoppolo expressing frustration after yet another unproductive drive against the Broncos has emerged like manna to be stretched as thinly as possible to create some controversy.

Now "all your plays suck, man" would suggest some frustration with the playcalling. But The Big Lead slack, having lived and posted through the Bad NFL Lip Reading era, has a different reading. We think he's saying "draw plays suck, man." Which is true, especially on third and long. No one disputes this any.

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