Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Curry Made a Mockery of Important NBA Journalism

Kyle Koster

In a deeply troubling stunt, Jimmy Fallon enticed Stephen Curry into parroting the late-night host’s non-sequitur during NBA All-Star Game media appearances. The Golden State Warriors guard dutifully worked in “Energizer Bunny,” “flipping pancakes,” and “wham, bam, can of ham” into his responses.

All this for a laugh at the expense of more serious journalists, some of them asking very important questions. Sad to think that this took away from time that could have been spent on James Harden beard treatment or ASG defensive strategy.

This type of sneaky messaging is the future of branded content. Or maybe it’s already here. Who is to know if scores of players are just slipping in buzzwords to mess with us and/or move product.

Stay woke, people.