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Udonis Haslem and Erik Spoelstra Hâd to Be Restrained From Jimmy Butler During Heat Loss

Stephen Douglas

The Golden State Warriors beat the Miami Heat on Wednesday night, 118-104. Jimmy Butler played 41 minutes in the loss and also nearly got into a physical altercation with Udonis Haslem who had to be physically restrained from Butler. Coach Erik Spoelstra was also furious with Butler and had to be held back at one point after he threw a clipboard at his feet.

This is not the first time Jimmy Butler has tried to fight a coach.

Amazingly, a fan was taking video of the huddle and you can see things jump off. Spoelstra is almost laughing as he says something along the lines of you think I'm going to fight you? Meanwhile, Haslem is over his shoulder yelling at Butler the entire time and pointing over towards the locker room. As teammates get involved to separate everyone Haslem can be heard saying , "I'll beat your ass."

Keep in mind Butler has been in Miami for three seasons now. Is this just Heat culture captured on camera, or is he wearing out his welcome with yet another franchise?

Miami has lost two in a row and the 76ers, Celtics and Bucks are all within two games of the Heat.