VIDEO: Jimmy Butler Forced to Change Jersey Ahead of Heat-Nuggets Tipoff

Liam McKeone
Jimmy Butler getting changed
Jimmy Butler getting changed /

As a part of the NBA's social justice initiative while down in the Florida bubble, players were allowed to select from a list of messages to put on the back of their jerseys in place of their names for the opening week of the season. Those messages will remain throughout the playoffs, but below the names rather than replacing them.

Most players chose to wear messages like Black Lives Matter, Say Their Names, Equality, and Vote. A handful, like LeBron James, chose not to. Jimmy Butler wanted to wear nothing on his jersey to make his own statement on equality, but the league told him he could not do that. Butler did not let that stop him and took the floor for the Miami Heat's first seeding game in Orlando with a jersey that had no name on it. He was forced to change, delaying tipoff by a few minutes.

Butler's point was made, and additionally reminded everyone how stupid it is that the NBA is limiting their players like this. There's really no harm in letting them express themselves however they choose. If Butler wants to wear a blank jersey to show that, NBA player or not, everybody deserves equal rights, then let him do that.

Just another powerful image coming from the bubble, though. The next few months will be full of similar statements. It will be great to see.