Jimbo Fisher Rips Reports of a $30 Million Texas A&M NIL Fund for Recruits

Ryan Phillips
Jimbo Fisher, Auburn v Texas A&M
Jimbo Fisher, Auburn v Texas A&M / Bob Levey/GettyImages

Jimbo Fisher is feeling himself on Wednesday as his Texas A&M Aggies reeled in the top recruiting class in the country, and one of the best of all-time. He was not in the mood for any suggestions that his class was landed for any reason other than the hard work of his staff. When asked about rumors of a massive NIL fund run by Aggies boosters to lure recruits, Fisher was not having it.

In January, BroBible posted an article claiming Texas A&M's boosters had spent $25-$30 million to land the top recruiting class in the nation. The article's source was a message board user named SlicedBread. Fisher was furious over that report.

Here's what he said Wednesday when the topic of NIL came up:

Fisher does not seem to be a fan of BroBible or SlicedBread. In fact, SlicedBread was a particular target of scorn. You might say Fisher burned -- never mind, I can't even finish that joke, it's beneath our audience and I apologize for even thinking of it.

Fisher clearly didn't want anyone believing money was how the Aggies landed their elite class. But the thing is, even if it was true, it would be completely legal in college football's current landscape.