Jim Schwartz Did Not Appreciate Jim Harbaugh's Enthusiasm, Brawl Nearly Ensues

By Tim Ryan

One thing we know for sure about Jim Harbaugh is that the dude gets fired up over football. His excitement following today’s win in Detroit did not go over well with Lions coach Jim Schwartz, though he’s no stranger to going apeshit either. The two coaches nearly came to blows as the teams made their way off the field. It’s just too bad nothing happened because a Schwartz-Harbaugh brawl would probably not disappoint.

For Niners fans, I’m sure they could care less about Harbaugh’s antics. This franchise is showing massive signs of life for the first time in over a decade.

Somewhere, Pete Carroll shakes his head and asks aloud, “what’s your deal, Jimbo?”

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[Original vid via @Jose3030, Schwartz link via @1000Steps]