Jim Ross Responds to Jim Cornette's Relentless Criticism of AEW

Ryan Glasspiegel
Jim Ross and Jim Cornette
Jim Ross and Jim Cornette /

Jim Ross and Jim Cornette are longtime friends who have been in the pro wrestling business for several decades; the former is currently turning back the clock delivering great play-by-play in AEW and the latter has a podcast in which he has far more negative opinions about the upstart promotion than positive.

Conrad Thompson, on this week's Grilling With JR podcast, asked the AEW announcer about how he feels about all this criticism, including Cornette calling it "All Petite Wrestling" as opposed to "All Elite Wrestling":

JR essentially said that he and Cornette are still friends -- they've known each other since they were in the Mid-South promotion in the 1980s -- but that Cornette is set in his ways and uncompromising about his views. It was brought up that people like Ric Flair and Buddy Rogers were superstars in bygone eras without being giants, and that it's better strategy to root for other promotions to fail. Rising tides lift all boats.

Thompson brought up a great fantasy booking angle of Cornette as a heel manager in AEW working with The Revival in a feud against the Young Bucks. (The Revival are an old-school tag-team rumored to be leaving WWE, who have a slogan no flips just fists; the Young Bucks are in AEW and are big into flipping.) That would be pretty incredible if they could somehow make it happen.