Jim Rome: Tom Brady Ended the GOAT Debate a Long Time Ago

Ryan Phillips
Jim Rome discusses Super Bowl LV
Jim Rome discusses Super Bowl LV /

Jim Rome unleashed one of his classic rants on Monday in the wake of Super Bowl LV. After Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers smacked the Kansas City Chiefs 31-9 in the big game, Rome is done with the NFL GOAT debate. He says that debate ended a long time ago, and Brady is the one who killed it.

In Rome's estimation, with his seventh Super Bowl title, Brady has now put that debate so far out of reach you can't even see it anymore. The full segment is below:

He makes some great points. Brady has now won the Super Bowl more times than any franchise. They might as well name the trophy after him. He's 43 and looked excellent in the pocket Sunday night. He barely struggled with an opportunistic Chiefs defense and pulled all the right strings on the way to a resounding victory. And he's coming back for more next year. Does anyone really doubt he could do it again?

There's no questioning Brady's greatness. Even comparing him to another football player at this point is a fruitless exercise. He's the greatest the NFL has ever seen and Rome is done debating it.