Jim Nantz is Saying Goodbye So Friends Said Hello

Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

Now that it's here, it feels pretty crazy that this is the last national championship game Jim Nantz will call. It's not like it's a surprise, the finality of it all just sort of snuck up on us. And perhaps that's appropriate because he never really stole the show during his Final Four calls or was the first thing anyone thought about when the annual event came up, instead almost disappearing into the framework for 37 years. Which could be construed as one of the better compliments a person could give a broadcaster.

With the end of the road rapidly approaching, CBS put together a pretty comprehensive tribute to Nantz with no shortage of cameos and looks back at the more memorable career calls.

Nailing the San Diego State buzzer-beater on Saturday night was a reminder that he can still hit the big one and a nice little bonus send-off. A thriller tonight would be icing on the cake. Then he gets to go to the Masters riding this high. Quite a week and a nice touch from the network.