Jim Nantz Takes Subtle Shot at LIV During Dustin Johnson's PGA Championship Intro

Dustin Johnson
Dustin Johnson / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

Dustin Johnson was one of the LIV players invited to this weekend's PGA Championship. He's rolling in off a victory in Tulsa, a win that has become notorious not because he played well but because nobody was able to watch it. LIV's broadcast on the CW got cut off by most local affiliates and as such any fans who did not quickly switch to the app were unable to see Johnson pull out the win during playoff holes.

Jim Nantz appeared to use that information to take a subtle shot at LIV while broadcasting Johnson approaching the first tee on Thursday.

"Not sure if you had a chance to see it but he was the winner last week in Tulsa, in the playoff over Cam Smith and Branden Grace."

This is, of course, not the first time Nantz has alluded to LIV in a way that makes viewers think he's taking a shot at the upstart league. During this year's Masters tournament Nantz observed that Brooks Koepka was "on the CW," before he said he meant crosswalk. Nantz later told Jimmy Traina he was "maybe being a little cheeky" with the call.

It seems Nantz got cheeky again at a different venue.