Jim Nantz Doubts Announcer's Jinx, Immediately Proven Wrong

Liam McKeone
Lions /

Jim Nantz gave us all a peek behind the broadcasting curtain on Thanksgiving Day by openly expressing his disdain for the so-called "announcer's jinx," ahead of a Detroit Lions field goal attempt against the Buffalo Bills. There is a running joke/superstition that whenever an announcer talks about how good a kicker has been before they attempt a field goal, the kicker is assured to miss. Thus, the jinx.

On Thursday, Nantz told Tony Romo to not mention that jinx before going on to say that Lions kicker Michael Badgley had not missed a kick all season as he lined up for a 29-yard try, as close to a guaranteed make as one can really get. Badgley, of course, missed the kick, and the Lions were punished for the announcer's doubts.

Do not spit in the face of the football gods, Jim! For the sake of the teams you're broadcasting over!