Jim Nantz Discusses His Best Score At Augusta National

Brian Giuffra

Jim Nantz is gearing up for another NFL season with CBS, combining with Tony Romo to create one of the best booths in football. However, Nantz’s smooth voice has always shined brightest on Sundays at Augusta, where his passion and knowledge for golf come through amidst the pine straw and azaleas along that sacred ground.

While we all remember his legendary calls from past Masters — from “The Bear has come out of hibernation!” to “A win for the ages!” — one thing I’ve always wondered is how Nantz himself has navigated the undulating fairways and greens at Augusta. After all, he’s obviously played the top golf course in the world plenty of times and, having roomed with Fred Couples at Houston and having a replica of the eighth hole at Pebble Beach in his backyard, must be a pretty good golfer.

Turns out he is, though it’s been a while since he went low at Augusta.

“It’s been a long time since I played there and put up any kind of good score,” Nantz told The Big Lead during the NFL on CBS media day. “I shot in the 70s a few times in my younger days. My scores these days? Not good.”

We did ask for a specific number, but Nantz declined. Still, the fact that he’s shot in the 70s at Augusta tells you everything you need to know.

It would be nice, I imagine, to play well on such a pristine course, and I wonder what Nantz’s call would be for himself as he made the final putt on his best round there. Maybe not “one for the ages,” but certainly “one to remember” seems fitting. And while Nantz might not match that number again, he’ll always have those memories, just as we remember the indelible calls he’s made through the years at Augusta.