Jim Kelly Tribute on CBS is a Beautiful Tearjerker

Brian Giuffra

Jim Kelly has faced enough adversity in his 59 years on this planet to last 20 lifetimes. And yet, despite all of the obstacles life has handed him, he's persevered, focusing on the positives and opportunities he's had rather than the challenges.

CBS produced a tribute featuring Kelly on Thanksgiving. It encompasses the four lost Super Bowls, his son Hunter's battle with Krabbe disease and his own personal battles with cancer. It's beautiful and emotional and a reminder of how strong Kelly was, is and will always be.

In his eyes, you see the resilience. Some people say they're gritty. This is what true grit looks like.

It's impossible to do justice to a story like Kelly's in a short period of time. There's just so much to unfold. Somehow CBS managed to do so. Credit to them. Credit to Kelly. And a reminder to be truly thankful on this day of thanks.