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Jim Harbaugh's Pants Were Literally On Fire During the Penn State Game

Stephen Douglas
Michigan v Penn State
Michigan v Penn State / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages

Michigan beat Penn State on Saturday, 21-17. The Wolverines did what they had to do to get the win. Cade McNamara protected the ball and threw three touchdown passes. Hassan Haskins carried the ball 31 times. Jim Harbaugh coached half the game with pants that were nearly burnt off by a space heater.

THat is the kind of intensity you expect from Harbaugh. Though the forecast put temperatures in the low 40's during the game so did he really need to stand so close to the heater?

It seems that no one noticed this until Michigan photographer Patrick Barron posted these photos on Sunday. Possibly because Harbaugh switched from his beloved khakis to darker pants last season, saying he didn't want his fashion to be like “stale bread, over-ripe fruit, or burnt meat.”

Does it count as irony if he almost became burnt meat in his new pants? Also, what was Harbaugh lying about? Because his pants were on fire.