Jim Harbaugh on 49ers Management: "what they know could not blow up a small balloon"

By Jason Lisk

Tom Crean was fired by Indiana, and as you may know, he is the brother-in-law of Jim and John Harbaugh. Sports Illustrated talked with both football coaches in the aftermath of that decision by Indiana. It did not disappoint.

Here’s what Jim Harbaugh had to say:

“Much like my situation in San Francisco, the people that are doing the micromanaging … when it comes to building a ball team, what they know could not blow up a small balloon. In my case, an owner and a general manager. In his case, an administration. They are so similar in that way. And he still wins two Big Ten championships outright.”

Harbaugh clashed with management over the final part of his tenure, and went through a lame duck season before leaving for Michigan. The results in San Francisco since his departure certainly don’t contradict the “small balloon” statement, and the team is on its third coach in three years since Harbaugh left.