Jim Dolan Wouldn't Offer Kevin Durant Max, Yikes


After Kevin Durant chose to sign with the Brooklyn Nets, it was always going to be interesting to see what happened with the Knicks, who were a rumored destination for him all season. But this report from Ramona Shelburne and Woj is remarkable:

Yes, Durant is going to miss most or all of next season, but the fact that smart teams like the Clippers and Warriors would’ve loved to offer KD the max tells you all you need to know here. The Knicks’ whole season — trading Kristaps Porzingis, clearing cap space, and tanking — is going to leave them holding an empty bag.

Shelburne broached the possibility on The Jump that maybe the Knicks inferred that KD wasn’t going to go there, and pulled the idea of bringing him there in a kind of preemptive breakup. Whatever the case may be, the Knicks are a ling time away from competing.