Jim Boeheim Was a Condescending Jerk to a Reporter Asking a Relevant Question

Ryan Phillips
North Carolina v Syracuse
North Carolina v Syracuse / Bryan M. Bennett/GettyImages

Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim is the absolute worst, as many important historians have said. On Monday night, he continued to bolster that reputation by being a jerk to a reporter who asked a relevant question any head coach should answer.

Virginia beat the Orange 67-62 at the JMA Wireless Dome Monday night. It was the third-straight loss for Syracuse and dropped the team to 13-10 on the season. Boeheim was in a salty mood after the game when a reporter asked why sophomore forward Benny Williams wasn't with the team. As is his personality, Boeheim was a condescending jerk when answering.

Check it out:

When a player who has started 20 games this season isn't even on the bench for a game, it's absolutely fair for a reporter to ask why. Part of Boeheim's job is being a grown up and answering questions like that. But apparently he's incapable of that.

This has been this week's edition of "Jim Boeheim Is the Worst." Stay tuned for future adventures of this program because you can be damn sure there will be more.