VIDEO: Adam Gase Press Conference Cut Short By Fire Alarm

Liam McKeone
Adam Gase chuckles about the fire alarm
Adam Gase chuckles about the fire alarm /

Adam Gase's first season as head coach of the New York Jets has not exactly been smooth. His team is 6-9 with one week to go in the regular season, his budding young quarterback missed games with mononucleosis, and the media is already calling for his head.

All that brings us to today. In series of circumstances that feels entirely too on the nose, Gase's weekly press conference was cut short after a fire alarm went off in the Jets' building.

I mean, come on. It's just too easy.

Gase and the media were forced to leave the building for about ten minutes while the alarm was investigated, but were eventually allowed to return.

Gase appears to have a good sense of humor about it, which lines up with his reported attitude that as long as the checks clear, he's doing alright for himself.