Jesús Sánchez Went Full Kevin Mitchell With Incredible Barehanded Catch

Kyle Koster

Every so often a baseball player forgoes the glove and snags a fly ball or looping liner with their bare hand. The feat has a 100 percent approval rating because who doesn't love marveling at the skill needed to pull off such a miracle? Take Kevin Mitchell, for instance. The guy won an MVP and a World Series but the first thing that comes to most people's minds is him on a dead sprint to the left field corner with a baseball in his right palm. And there's nothing wrong with that because as far as legacies goes, being the Barehanded Catch Guy is undeniably badass.

Jesús Sánchez etched his names into this ultra-exclusive club last night by performing feat on a fly ball down the right-field line. Did he put himself in a desperate situation by playing a routine chance into something extraordinary? Yes. Was it any less awesome because of that? No way.

“I was just running really hard after the ball,” Sánchez said postgame. “I was trying to be very careful with the wall, and I was looking at the wall, looking at the ball, and then suddenly I looked at the ball and I passed the ball completely. I didn't have any reach with my left hand, so I just pulled that right hand and suddenly I grabbed it.

The 23-year-old Sanchez is one of 14 rookies on the Miami Marlins. He's shown pop, blasting 13 homers in 197 at-bats and anchoring the cleanup spot. His glovework has been above-average as well. When he opts to use it.