Jesús Sánchez Hit a Ball Halfway to Heaven

Michael Reaves/GettyImages

Miami Marlins outfielder Jesús Sánchez was not a candidate to etch his name alongside other big boppers who have blasted 496-foot home runs, yet baseball found a way as the lefthander obliterated a moonshot yesterday at Coors Field to the upper regions of the right-field stands.

When the calculations were complete, Sánchez had tied Aaron Judge and Miguel Sanó for the third-longest dinger in the StatCast era and someone who never in their wildest dreams believed they'd be going home with a souvenir went home with a souvenir. For some perspective, here's the perspective from the seat the ball reached. One minute the players are looking like ants and the next an orb is hurtling in your direction. Life comes at you fast after several beers.

Now, it's Coors Field with its thin air so you may want to hold back some of your applause. But remember, the baseball they're using in the Major Leagues is deader than a doornail so a mammoth blast like this must be appreciated.

With Jesus, it appears all things really are possible.