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Jesús Aguilar Gave a Thumbs-Down to Francisco Lindor in the Mets Dugout

Kyle Koster
Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The New York Mets tried to set a new standard for dysfunction over the weekend with its double play combo taking on frustrated fans and management sticking up for the paying customers instead of those getting paychecks. Javy Baez and Francisco Lindor would like to apologize earnestly or otherwise and just get on the business of missing out on the playoffs in disappointing fashion. That's not going to happen, though.

Down 2-0 and desperately needing to a sweep a doubleheader against the Miami Marlins today, the home team was going down quietly in the second when Lindor and Jesús Aguilar had an interesting little chat.

Aguilar did his best Robert DeNiro "you taking to me" bit before absolving himself of any guilt in regards to Lindor's current lot with the fans, pointing out it was entirely self-inflicted.

Incredible stuff. Equal parts trolling and bold truth-telling. A timely reminder that often when one points the finger there are four aiming back in their direction.

Probably a good strategic play for Mets opponents to be constantly reminding everyone of these past few weird days the moment the team starts earning back some good will.