Jessica Mendoza Has a Problem With Mike Fiers Going Public With Houston Astros Cheating [UPDATE]

Stephen Douglas

Jessica Mendoza appeared on Golic and Wingo this morning to talk about the big MLB cheating scandal that most notably involves the Houston Astros and Boston Red Sox - two teams who have just fired their very successful World Series-winning managers. Mendoza was asked about Mike Fiers going public with the Astros' cheating in November. Mendoza's stance appears to be anti-snitching.

Mendoza has no problem with Fiers giving his new teammates a heads-up, but snitching is apparently against an unwritten rule. Now is a great time to point out that Mendoza is an ESPN analyst who also works in an advisory role with the New York Mets. The same New York Mets who hired Carlos Beltran as their next manager. The same Carlos Beltran who is embroiled in this big cheating fiasco. The same cheating fiasco that she's being asked about. Coincidentally, the Mets are having a hard time letting go of Beltran. To say Mendoza has a conflict of interest in this story is an understatement.

Even if she didn't have a conflict of interest, her stance appears to be that this kind of cheating - which is explicitly against the rules - is okay as long as nobody finds out... naturally. So this is a bad take based on baseball's actual written rules as well.

UPDATE: Mendoza released the following statements on the comments.