Jessica Eye Could Barely Stand as She Missed Weight Ahead of UFC Fight Night

Ryan Phillips
Jessica Eye attempts to make weight for UFC Fight Night: Eye vs. Calvillo
Jessica Eye attempts to make weight for UFC Fight Night: Eye vs. Calvillo /

Jessica Eye missed weight for her UFC Fight Night main event bout with Cynthia Calvillo on Friday. Eye weighed in at 126.25 pounds, just above the 126-pound limit, but that's not the story. The video of Eye as she was on the scale was seriously disturbing.

Eye clearly had a difficult weight cut and could barely stand while on the scale. Here eyes were glazed over, and she had a worried expression on her face as if she was about to pass out. After missing weight she had to walk back to do a pose and all of it felt wrong. Video of the scene is below:

Frankly, Eye shouldn't be allowed to fight Saturday night after watching that. There's no good reason to let someone in that condition step into the octagon a day later. If the UFC cares about safety at all, it won't let her compete. UFC president Dana White should step in and take Eye off the card.

The 33-year-old Eye fought for the UFC flyweight title last June, losing to Valentina Shevchenko after being knocked out by a head kick. She's fought at bantamweight before and, after seeing that video, it wouldn't be surprising if she was forced to move back up there, despite her competitiveness at flyweight. It appears she had a brutal weight cut and still couldn't make it under the limit.

Weight cutting is one of the worst aspects of MMA. Every once in a while we see this kind of thing pop up and it reminds us how brutal the behind-the-scenes aspects of the sport are.