Adam Schefter Tells Funny Story About Browns Owner Jimmy Haslam Accidentally Trolling Jerry Jones on League Call

Brian Giuffra
Jerry Jones.
Jerry Jones. / Getty Images/Getty Images

One of the joys of virtual conferencing is the mistakes that arise because of simple technological blunders. Whether it's going to the bathroom while discussing ethical standards because you forgot your video was on or making an awkward comment because you thought you were on mute, things can get uncomfortable in a hurry on Zoom.

Apparently the NFL is not immune to such miscues.

On his podcast, Adam Schefter told a funny story about Browns owner Jimmy Haslam making a joke at Jerry Jones' expense because he apparently thought he was on mute. The joke itself isn't terribly insulting, but I'm sure Jones wasn't pleased to hear it nevertheless.

Saying Jerry Jones should be on permanent mute isn't the biggest slap in the face. One can imagine the long-time Cowboys owner likes to dominate the conversation. However, accidentally saying it front of every league owner when you thought you were on mute definitely adds a bit to the story.

Harboring some negative feelings toward Jerry, Jimmy?

The other element of the story that's funny is it sounds like Jones had his own technical issue. According to this tale, he was accidentally on mute during roll call. It's so easy to picture the Cowboys owner pontificating with his normal brash demeanor, telling everyone he's on the call and living life to the fullest, only to learn no one could hear him.

Regardless, let this be a reminder to you all: double-check the audio and video elements on Zoom before jumping on a call or starting to speak. You don't want to end up a cautionary tale about the miscues of Zoom.