Jerry Jones Sat Through the National Anthem With Elizabeth Taylor During His First Home Game as Owner

Stephen Douglas

Jerry Jones started the season with the hollow look-at-me gesture of kneeling with the entire Dallas Cowboys team before the playing of the National Anthem. Since then he had multiple phone calls with Donald Trump and has decided that any player who dare exercise his Constitutional right to protest would be punished. Disrespecting the flag in Dallas will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Unless you’re chatting with Elizabeth Taylor…

That is from a 1989 letter to the editor in the Star-Telegram. It resurfaced last August when Colin Kaepernick’s kneeling originally became a story. This disrespectful, letter-inspiring act likely took place during Jerry Jones’ first home game as Cowboys owner so you can forgive him if he didn’t know what he was supposed to do during the Anthem.

Still, the idea that Jerry Jones, the owner of America’s Team, would ever disrespect the flag is confounding. It was just two weeks ago that he was fielding calls from Donald Trump about the issue and would bench any player who disrespects the flag. What if a celebrity is on the sideline? Is that a reasonable exception for Cowboys players? Or is this simply more proof that the NFL and it’s owners don’t actually care about respecting the flag?

Note: Jerry Jones first regular season game as owner of the Cowboys was on the road. The article originally said this happened during his first game as owner.