Jerry Jones Once Compared CBA Negotiations to Owls Having Sex With Chickens

1992 NFC Championship Game - Dallas Cowboys v San Francisco 49ers
1992 NFC Championship Game - Dallas Cowboys v San Francisco 49ers / James Smith/Getty Images

The NFL had a four-month lockout a decade ago. The players and owners eventually reached an agreement and the season took place as scheduled, so there's no reason to bore you with details. However, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones did a very Jerry Jones thing that offseason which is mentioned in a new ESPN story about DeMaurice Smith.

"Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys took the floor: "Look, my daddy grew up on a farm in southwest Missouri. Every so often in the spring, the wind would come from a different part of the country, and the moon would set a different way, and the owls would start f---ing the chickens." Nobody knew where he was going with this story. "The owls are f---ing the chickens," Jones continued. "It makes no sense that they turned this down, but it's a great thing for us.""

In the words of Frank Costanza, "That's perverse!'

Only Jerry Jones would both have that story and then share it with a group of people. It's an incredibly colorful thing to say and reminds me of Dwayne Robertson from The Mighty Ducks, who presumably had a similar upbringing in Texas.

While Jerry Jones went into the oil business (which has been very profitable of late), we may never know where Robertson went after he finished his schooling at Eden Hall. Hopefully, the upcoming Mighty Ducks series will clear that up. They should at least show him buying wine at a gas station.