Jerry Jones Gives Ezekiel Elliott 'Zeke Who' Shirt at Press Conference

Liam McKeone

When Ezekiel Elliott’s holdout began, many expected the deal would get done before the regular season started. Ultimately, it did. The only time there was ever truly a question about if terms could be agreed upon was when Jerry Jones made a “Zeke who?” crack after a preseason game that saw backup running back Tony Pollard show his prowess. Elliott’s agent let everyone know they didn’t find that particularly funny, and Jones went in front of cameras to adamantly state he’d earned the right to joke with Elliott.

It was the only time there seemed to be an active war of public perception between the two parties, and it didn’t end up mattering. It seems like the Cowboys and Elliott’s team are over it enough to continue to joke about it. At a press conference on Thursday officially announcing Elliott’s six-year, $90 million extension, Jones gave Elliott a “Zeke Who?” shirt, and smiles were had all around.

The Cowboys will make these shirts available for purchase, and all proceeds will go to the Salvation Army.