Jerry Jones Thinks About a Dez Bryant-Cowboys Reunion in the Shower

Liam McKeone
What Jerry Jones sees in the shower
What Jerry Jones sees in the shower / Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Dez Bryant has been out of the league since 2018, when he tore his Achilles shortly after getting signed by the New Orleans Saints. He's been making lots of noise on Twitter about making a comeback, as former wide receivers are prone to do.

Jerry Jones was asked about a potential reunion between Bryant and the Dallas Cowboys. Jones' answer was weirdly intimate, but also somewhat relatable.

Who doesn't have deep thoughts in the shower, honestly?

Bryant would be a fun addition to this Cowboys squad, which doesn't have a "go up and get it" guy like Bryant. But the big question is if he has enough left in the tank to make any sort of meaningful impact. He hasn't played a snap since 2017, and is 31 years old.

It may be worth kicking the tires for nostalgia's sake, and shower thoughts are meaningful thoughts. But it seems unlikely given how long Bryant has been away from football.