Why Did Jerry Jones Buy Jackets For Destiny's Child on a 60-Degree Thanksgiving Day in 2004?

Beyonce, Michelle Williams, Destiny's Child, Kelly Rowland, Beyonce Knowles
Destiny's Child Performs During Halftime - Chicago Bears vs Dallas Cowboys - November 25, 2004 | Vladimir Cherry/Getty Images

Beyonce, Jay Z, and 50 Cent were all present for the Dallas Cowboys, 31-17, win over a Chicago Bears last September. This was not the first time that Beyonce and Jay Z attended a Cowboys – Bears game. They were both there in 2004 when Destiny’s Child played halftime. It was cold that day. So cold that Jerry Jones apparently bought Beyonce a jacket. This came up on Jones’ appearance on 105.3 The Fan this week.

We had two great times with her when they came to Texas Stadium on Thanksgiving Day. As a matter of fact they were planning to perform and it was so cold you couldn’t stand it out there on Thanksgiving day and I got ’em all coats from Neiman Marcus. And to this day one of the things that we kind of smile about is those jackets that we got them so that they could go out there and do a good job at Thanksgiving day halftime.

Maybe Destiny’s Child played halftime at another Thanksgiving day game because I can only find this one from 2004. Nobody looks particularly cold.

In fact, according to Weather Underground, the high that day at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport was 62 degrees. The low was 35 and it wasn’t anywhere near the low during the actual game. Here’s a picture of Jay Z and Beyonce’s dad. I mean, Jay is only wearing a sweater. Who let Destiny’s Child leave the hotel without a jacket? There’s something amiss about this inside joke between these rich people.

This article originally ran in 2016.